At Valé we provide specialised architecture services for startup and professionals in the hospitality industry. We service clients that require the reassurance of an experienced hospitality architect to explore the full potential of their investment.

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Each business is unique. To best understand your business goals we work with you to clearly develop a business strategy forward based on your business goals.

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Thorough research at the inception of a project is what takes a good investment to become a great investment.

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Taking strategy, research and client feedback we can develop a design that reflects your needs and create value for your investment.

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Our experienced team can develop the design into buildable set of documents ensuring our design intent carries through to the construction.

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We offer our onsite services to monitor the implementation of the design. This offers security for the investment in design.


Our specialist knowledge has been developed over 15 years and hospitality projects all over the globe.  Our Director Scott Valentine has had experience on projects that include: 

  • Mandarin Oriental - Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Ibis Hotel Kemang - Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Four Seasons Hotel and Residences - Barbados

  • Starhill Hotel Business Bay - Dubai, UAE

  • Corniche Hotel - Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Other international 5 star branded hotels.

Note : Above projects completed under the employment of other architectural studios

Experience with

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Our Expertise 

Experience the benefits of using a hospitality specialist

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Higher returns on investment

Choosing a hospitality specialist offers greater security for your investment and positions you for success in a competetive market place.

We understand hotels

From the initial strategy to design, construction and operations, hotels are complex.  We know each stage of the process to create a hotel that operates cohesively to deliver an unforgettable experience to your guests.


As a client you need reassurance that your project team has the ability to get the job done so you can focus on your business.  We offer the reassurance to be able to take on the project and deliver results.

We understand stakeholders

Throughout all stages we understand listening to the needs of both the hotel owner and the hotel operator.  In our design process we mediate, through design, the best results possible for all stakeholders.

Cultural understanding

Each location has a local flavor, local celebrations, local experiences that make it worth visiting. Every culture has a different idea of a holiday.  Our experience worldwide can help our team take into account what is required for your target market.

Our Design Process

Learn our process to creating memorable places