"World's Leading Architects"

Oliver Wainwright - architecture and design critic - The Guardian

"I can't thank Valé Arhitects enough for the work they did for me.  I said I wanted Spanish and modern, and from there they put together something I'm in love with... we gotta do another one, I think Jamaica should be the next one.

Walshy Fire - Major Lazer

"marketers are all telling me to identify my main market and drill down on the detail. But I struggle to understand what that actually means. Valé Architects has given more info on that than any marketing expert has."

 Nora Buckley - Chalet Myoko

“I approached Valé Architects to help with a short term accommodation project I was undertaking in the financial district of Manila.  The project was already in the design processes with another architect but I wasn't confident they understood how to make it Instagrammable, which was a key concern of mine.  In order for me to understand the need for an “Instagrammable project” I contacted Valé Architects and requested a consultation to better understand how to achieve my goal.

After the meeting, I was impressed with Scott's expertise in the subject matter and what Valé Architects could offer to better improve my business awareness through Instagram to the current concept design that was before me. The consultation was very fruitful and I was educated about “Instagrammable” building design concepts and their unique User-Centred Design approach to solve my guests core problems.”

M.Balanga - Developer

"Scott consulted us about our boutique hotel project, it really helped us understand the focus on the big picture of what we were trying to build. Scott's knowledge not only of the hotel industry but branding really challenged our thinking and surfaced areas we hadn't yet thought of. It was fantastic to get a clear understanding of the path forward before we started any significant investments in branding, design and construction"

Louise Martin - Developer

"Scott consulted me on the branding of my business, I didn't really understand what branding was before our consultation, I just thought it was a fancy way of saying logo. After our initial consultation, I had a better understanding of the problems getting in my way and how they were affecting my business. Scott didn't even do any architectural designs, he advised that this may be the last thing I need to do in my case, but he was able to help me focus on the areas where I could grow my business."

Avicash Sami - Business Manager