Discovery is the process we facilitate during which we help you clearly define your business goals, identify your customers and decide how you want the world to see your business.  The process involves using tools that marketers have used for years but applying them at the start of the design process.

The clarity you gain with us taking you through this process will help you focus on how you’re going to grow your business.  Discovery is a critical part of Valé’s design process precisely because we’ve seen just how much value businesses have derived from it, particularly when it comes to helping business better understand how to attract guests.


We take some of the tools that marketers have used for years and apply them from the very start of the design process



Nobody needs Discovery.  People are free to create the business they want by figuring it out along the way. But if you want your business to make quantum leaps, start generating revenue much faster, and stand a chance against your competition, we’d advise you to get crystal clear on where exactly you want to take your business to and by what point. Our Discovery process is a tool that will help you do exactly that.



By the end of this process, you’ll have a holistic yet detailed understanding of where you want your business to go, as well as the strategies for doing so. After going through the Discovery process with us you’ll have an intimate understanding of the customers you’re building your business around. You’ll have a renewed clarity of what experiences, services or products you need to create for them, and a structured path on how to get there with specific milestones along the way.



The Discovery process set me on the path to growing my business. It showed me the key areas I need to concentrate on to increase my productivity and profit. It allowed me to connect and be more appealing to other large business my area. Most importantly, it allowed me to increase my client base and create more exposure for our brand. This has resulted in the business securing a three year contract with a global insurance company increasing our revenue $50,000 per year.

Avikash Sami - Business Manager

We approached Valé to help us get started on our dream boutique hotel. Valé helped our team understand the brand we wanted to build, the kind of customers we want to attract and how we can best serve their needs.  We now have a clear plan of action to move forward with confidence before any design work has been started.

Morgan Gautier - Developer

Valé did an amazing job with us creating the ”process” plan for our business idea. The two days we spent really gave us a better understanding who our clients are and what we need to create to satisfy them. We highly recommend Valé to anyone who wants to great a successful business.

Per Ljungqvist and George Nakas - We Are Production Music



We will meet with you either in person or online for a two to three day facilitated discovery session. After this session, we process all the information we’ve gathered, and curate it into meaningful summary documents which you can share with your entire team. We’ll also produce so-called empathy boards which visually depict the design through the eyes of your future guests.

Final discovery book comes in PDF format only

Final discovery book comes in PDF format only

  • Discovery: On-site facilitation (2-3 Days)
    • 3 x User Profiles
    • Needs and Solutions
    • Strategic Goals
    • Brand Attributes
  • Empathy boards (2 weeks)
    • Taking what we’ve learnt in the facilitation sessions, we develop empathy boards so you and your design team can see the world of design through the eyes of your customers. See the places they hang out, the brands they want to be associated with and the kind of life they lead. This gives the entire team a starting point to base any important design decision on.



Our process is designed to extract your team’s expertise, so we need you to bring the best and brightest on your team, and particularly those who can help you truly understand who your customers are.