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Step 3 - Design

Here are some of the typical design elements that reflect the mindset of Thrifty Destination Junkies.


  • Size doesn’t matter - Your guests will be out and about most of the time and their room is a place to sleep. It needs to look good, but it needn’t be big.

  • Common areas - Thrifty Destination Seekers generally like to spend time with other like minded people. Design your hotel so that common areas are consolidated, creating as much opportunity for chance encounters as possible.

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  • Instagrammable - your building and outdoor areas should be remarkable enough for your guests (or passersby) to stop and take a picture. Don’t go over the top, but be tactical and subtle about building photo opportunities into your design.

  • Be precious without looking precious - Create spaces that hold the middle between being luxurious and purely functional. Remember that applying a luxurious design in a budget hotel setting can often make it look cheap or dated.

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Learn the secret of designing for Thrifty Destination Junkies AND HOW INDUSTRY LEADERS DESIGN THEIR PROPERTIES TO APPEAL TO NICHE GUESTS in our 40 page niche hotel design guide.

Niche Hotel Design Guide
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