Business of Architecture Consultation

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Business of Architecture Consultation

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We've spent the last three years innovating the business of architecture having tremendous successes and “learning opportunities” along the way but all the time growing our understanding of how to approach the business side of architecture. While it's not our goal to become business coaches to architects, we get inundated with inquiries from architects and people who help architects grow their firms. So we decided to make the Business of Architecture Consultation. If you want to learn from our innovative approach to the business of architecture, then book a consultation.


You’ll receive a one-hour consultation session where Scott will use his experience creating Valé from nothing to an international renowned architecture and education provider.

The call will be recorded and we will follow up with detailed notes from the session which you can reference and share with your team.



After you purchase your consultation session, Scott will contact you to schedule a time to talk. Before the call, he’ll ask you to think through a number of questions:

  • What are your goals?

  • What are some of the barriers getting in your way?

  • What is the business you’re looking at growing?

  • What do you need to do?

We would advise you to find a quiet spot with high-quality headphones and microphone. Please also make sure you are free of distractions.

That’s it. Scott will do the rest.



"Scott has blown all my expectation of what's possible in the business of design"

Chris Do - The Futur


Scott is an Australian architect and design strategist with an extensive experience in hospitality design. Before setting up Valé Architects, Scott worked on hotel design for top international brands such as Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Accor and Anantara.

Scott started Valé Architects in 2016 and took the time to design an architectural business from the ground up. He heavily researched past successes and failures of others in the business of design. This has allowed him to develop a business which more than any other architect firm is focused on solving business problems with design, instead of being solely ‘the designer’. Scott’s mission is to encourage this dramatic shift in mindset and approach to the hospitality design industry more widely.

Valé is seen as a principal thought leader in hospitality design and our insights have been featured on The BBC’s Why Factor, The Guardian, Dezeen, South China Morning Post and many more.

More details:

  • Director of Valé Architects & Valé Arcademy

  • In-depth experience on 5 star international branded hotels

  • 15+ years of architectural experience

  • Registered Architect Board of Architects Queensland

  • M.ARCH University of Western Australia